Increase the sales by implementing mobile tools that will streamline both your primary and secondary ordering processes and improve conversion rates.

PocketFSA is the solution to manage and track Primary and Secondary Sales. Field Sales offices can submit the orders, stock, retail outlet information from field on a real time basis. Company can visualise the sales and field operations along with sales activities. Sales Office can view daily target and actual performance, Sales Managers can view Attendance Report, Visit Report, Product wise order report, Daily sales report (DSR) etc.

The key drivers and distinguishing features of PocketFSA include: Understanding of Industry Verticals -

  • Understanding of Industry Verticals - Vertical wise field sales process mapping along with mobility helps organisation in field sales automation.
  • Mobility- SaaS deployment enables both managers and field sales officers to access the platform via any device
  • Easy Integration- PocketFSA can be integrated with any existing backend systems currently being used by organisation.
  • Real-Time Information- The combination of mobility and data syncing allows for real-time tracking. Sales orders can be quickly processed for dispatch/ primary order and used in decision making allowing businesses to experience increase in sales.
  • User Friendly- The user interface is simple and allows field staff to easily navigate the dashboard and input vital information.
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Mobilize your entire team! Easy to use for both the field force and office staff.

Secondary Order Management

Submit secondary orders using the mobile app while in the field. Update the visit details, enter order information and submit photos documenting the customer site in real-time.

Route Optimisation

Optimise the field staff so that they can more efficiently cover a specific region and prioritize customers and orders according to their availability and location

Mobile Apps for Field Service Staff

Native Android and iOS apps allow field staff to update service details even if network is unavailable. Employees can also use the app to update daily attendance, apply for leave, and submit travel and business expense reimbursement requests.

API Integrations

We mobilize any business quickly by integrating our solutions with your existing CRMs. It couldn’t be easier to increase both your secondary and primary sales.

Industries Served



Consumer goods

Consumer Durables

Consumer Appliances

Milk & Milk Products

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electricals

Consumer Paints
& Adhesives