Manage field workforce and enjoy a customisable workflow that integrates your existing systems

Your operational success depends a lot on the efficacy of your field team. If you are an emerging business, you would immediately recognize the immense importance of field team in accelerating your bottom lines and growing your business. While earlier it was incredibly challenging to control field team and extract the best level of productivity, all this has changed. Current technology innovations in the form of Field Mobility Solutions ensure that this is made simpler to control. With it, you can stay in touch with your field team, execute productive Field Force management, empower them to take strategic decisions without wasting time, and get your organization to scale up in the right direction.

Benefits of Field Mobility Solutions
  • Versatility across industries - Any business that needs people to meet and interact with people from different companies, talk to prospective leads, or even during project execution are prime candidates for utilizing the prowess of Field Mobility Solutions.
  • Multiple functionalities – While data collection was initially the main objective of Field Mobility, the solutions delivered by leaders in cutting edge field force management, offer multiple functionalities. They may include features like planning and scheduling, customer management, area management, invoicing and inventory management
  • Eliminate operational gaps – The gaps between field force and office staff might result in grave impact. For instance not having access to client background information at the right time will expose sales team and make them look unprepared. With Field Mobility Solutions, this gap can be bridged and information be made available in real time.
  • Enhance productivity – The field team need not relay back intelligence to allow office staff to analyze it and make decisions. The decision making power can now stay with the field teams. This impresses the prospective clients with the level of intelligence processing that can be done by the field force and help close business better.

If you are an enterprise and looking for a custom Mobility Solution, you are at the right place. We mobilize the field force by following comprehensive processes from start to its end - from an existing field business, process map, new ideas, all the way through implementation, custom coding, testing, to the very release on the field.

Stay up-to-date with evolving technology. Integrate your office systems, including: Financial, CRM, Inventory, ERP and much more. View Mobile Apps, Client Information, Enterprise Systems Updates, ioT connections all on single page for quick access to all your management tools.

Mobilize your Fieldforce! Experience business specific workflow customisation and full integration with Enterprise Systems.

Define Mobile Strategy and Business Levers for Mobility Needs

Continue with Enterprise class Open Source networks also while developing a mobile strategy that effectively integrates existing systems. Our solutions will identify your specific business needs, analyse your workflow and generate data driven insights to help you make improvements.

Analytical Dashboards for Different Teams

Systematic and time bound analysis will help your business pinpoint actions that will improve the metrics of your business. Experience access to location updates, geotagged information, relevant site photos and much more. These real time insights will help you allow to make informed decisions and identify the best course of action to meet your business goals.

Mobile Tools for Field Service Staff

Native Android and iOS apps allow field staff to update service details even if network is unavailable. Employees can also use the app to update daily attendance, apply for leave, and submit travel and business expense reimbursement requests.

API Integrations

We mobilize any business quickly by integrating our solutions with your existing CRMs. It couldn’t be easier to increase both your secondary and primary sales.