At Plug2Field, each one of us is driven by a way of life that is built on the foundation of four pillars

Career With Plug2Field

Plug2Field consists of a group of highly trained professionals and technology enthusiasts who are driven by a boundless curiosity and passion for problem-solving. We work closely with our customers to create an environment of collaboration that delivers high quality software services. Our transparent and hierarchy free work environment offers a unique platform for employees to work freely and take initiative. We offer a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development along with the chance to learn from and contribute to various organizational development initiatives that exist apart from individual responsibilities. We guarantee a motivational work environment where teamwork is encouraged and individual performance is recognized. Join a group of enthusiastic professionals, experience the benefits of working in a transparent and collaborative environment and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

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Corporate Philosophy

Pursuit of Knowledge

We have chosen to be a niche player in the domain of Field Mobility Solutions equity compensation. The only way we can be a leader in this space is by always being on the top of the subject, global best practices and regulatory framework. We want to be known as thought leaders by being in the forefront in providing innovative ideas and creative solutions. Each one of us believes in knowledge worship which is one of our core values

Customer Focused

Customer is always at the center of whatever we do. Be it thinking of new service offering, addressing their expectations and even in some sense directing their thinking by bringing in ideas and solutions which have not been tried out earlier. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction which in turn leads to repeat work and references. Some of our teams who have internal customers also believe and practice the same philosophy.


We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity with respect to customer data and information. We are fully aware that customers are placing a certain level of confidence in us when they share their confidential data. We honour that trust by adhering to best practices when it comes to data management and internal controls. Our strong belief in integrity also extends to our day-to-day business operations and directly influences how we treat both employees and clients and approach regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Respect for individual

Each individual associated with us be it our team members, customers or suppliers enjoys our high level of respect. Respect for the knowledge, skills, experience, age and the relationship they enjoy with us. Every team member at Plug 2 Field Direct is respected for his skills, talent and personal commitment he/she brings in to ensure our success. We respect every customer / supplier associated with us for their knowledge, experience and professional attitude.